Family Guy in the evening with Alex as is becoming our routine.

Long chat with my mum on FB chat. Shared some things I made a couple of summers ago –

Earlier listened to Radio 6 about Pete Shelley who recently passed away. I loved hearing songs I hadn’t heard before as well as the ones I knew. Twisted some letters out of a piece of white wire and made this –

Poor Emily has a womb infection and doesn’t want me to visit at the moment.

Been sat warming my feet by my electric heater. We all got given one because the boiler is broken. It’s nice they want us to be warm. I was okay with it being a bit chillier in the house, but I’m really enjoying the heater. I like to pretend it’s a log fire.

Sung Buzzcocks songs on Smule and got nice feedback.

Saw Stuart again on Wednesday and had a really nice time, including watching all of Blackadder the Third in bed!