Cleaned the kitchen. Went for a 40 minute walk. Spoke to Emily who encouraged me to visit Jane in Southsea tomorrow. Sung Paul Simon. Arranged to meet Jane tomorrow at 3pm.

Emily told me off last night for bringing Simon back to mine. She talked about a murder story she heard. I fell asleep and had a weird dream. A girl I knew at school had her ear knived. Most people in the class stayed put. The attacker turned the knife on himself. I ran towards them to go past to get help and then back the other way. The first person I asked didn’t want to help, but the second did. There was an assembly and they wanted me to be visible at the front, to show that we are not afraid. But the other people at the front of the assembly turned away from the audience. I faced them alone, sat on the floor. I felt calm because it was what I had been told to do and because I thought it really might help. The girl who had been attacked was there and the speaker spoke openly about what had happened. Her ear had not been detached, but there was a wound nearly all the way around it.

I had also been playing a Who’s the Painter game on my IPhone, so that’s why there’s a Van Gogh reference in my dream.

Bit nervous about making the journey to Southsea tomorrow, but I ought to be able to make it okay. Maybe I’ll get a taxi back. It will be nice to see Jane again. Think it was a decade ago that I last saw her!