A drawing inspired by one I drew in the past.

Toast and marmite for breakfast. Alex helped a bird stuck in a drainpipe. Walked to the shop and got milk, cola and chocolate with the last of my money. I get my ESA through tomorrow. Watched some Blue Planet and had a cup of tea and a Twix. Didn’t think I would get into it, but I did. The dolphins were lovely to watch, playing at dropping pieces of coral and following them. David Attenborough commented that some coral fell fast and some slow. They are practising their skillz like kittens do.

Sung on Smule. Played rummy with Alex. Video chat with Dan and Adam. Adam has a new toy, a wrecking ball. Then chatted to Emily. She’s very amused by my rendition of A Whole New World and liked my duet of These Boots Were Made For Walking.

Didn’t realise she spent Christmas alone when I was in hospital.

Chicken, chips and peas for dinner.

Here’s a duet of Itchycoo Park with a man who used to live there.