Woke up when Emily called, but I was too sleepy to answer. Any who it got me up at a more reasonable time. Set out to the shop again and took photos on the way back.

Then I went to Emily’s. She asked me to bring A Little Princess to watch. I borrowed it from my mum and haven’t seen it yet. The Ladybird book of the story was my favourite Ladybird book. Emily said it’s a good film but when I got there she wanted to watch Girl’s Trip. So that’s what we watched. Had a can of Fanta and an apple. Emily thinks orange Fanta is disgusting. She has bad period pain at the moment and the film cheered her up.

A while back I did a horse paint by numbers for her. It looks nice on the wall of her new room, a bit like it’s looking out of a stable door.


Before the film the family were working out how to play Cluedo. The children sang George Ezra’s Shotgun along to the radio, and considered the different weapons in Cluedo. I wondered about how my time at school might have been different if I had been into music that other people were into. I used to listen with disdain to my peers talking about music. Emily can’t read much and I think it’s quite alienating when people are playing a board game together and she knows she can’t play. It was nice to see her. I’ve promised I’ll stay over when Annie goes on holiday soon.

Back at home I did some drawing for an hour and a half, which was fun. Here are the photos I took on the way back from the shop –






Here’s the drawing I did this evening –





Toast and marmalade for breakfast today. Then I went to the shop to get baccy and got some raspberries too. Took photos on the walk again.

Today I’ve been making a video for We Were Giants by Stornoway and have dared to put it up on Youtube under that name. I really don’t want my account closed, but I also want people to be able to find it. It’s only the extremely popular songs I’ve uploaded that get blocked so I risked it.

It was fun to make. I once saw them live in London before they were very well known, with my ex Jon. He used to sing their songs beautifully and told me that the singer has a PhD in zoology, specializing in birds. I once took a careers test that told me I might make a good zoologist. Here’s the video.

There was a really pink sunset this evening and I went out to try to photograph it. Philip called to tell me medical details and said he would call back later once I found the bit of sky I wanted. Those photos didn’t come out very well though.

When Photoscaping my photos I found a heart on the underside of a leaf.


Some others from today –





Whilst making the video a search for ‘knitwear, models, couple, photography’ found me this cool photo.