I Tried To Leave You by Leonard Cohen


I’ve written many songs of parting. Don’t wanna feel that I’m leaving you anywhere that I’m not going. Anyhow, this is a song of staying. It’s one of those delirious songs of monotony called marriage. This is a song written out of my old age, my middle-age, my wrinkles, my weakness, and my failures called ‘Je voulais te quitter’ *

– Leonard Cohen, Montreux, 1976

* ‘I wanted to leave you.’


Tippex Mouse

Tippex made something new, say

‘It’s a mouse.’

Pleased to meet you then

Precise white line adhering


Xanax breaks, right angle lost

My scentless creature of substance

Once stripped the line curls loose inside, dead

Underneath the coated neat tape roll

Snowy line blocking my instinct, his

Eyes made soulless to match his design.