Cheese sandwich for breakfast. I did some drawing. Then I went for a walk into town. Spent some time browsing the CDs, DVDs and books in a charity shop and bought these –


Pleased to find The Golden Compass. I saw it at the cinema which would have been 2007. It will be interesting to watch it again after all this time, and having played the board game! Then I took some photos. Wandered into the photo machine Post Office shop whilst waiting 5 minutes for the bus and found a candy fan. I took a video of it because I thought Adam might like to see it. Here it is –

I slowed it down so he can see the movement better.

Spent some time with Ash when I got back home. We talked about computer games. She played Wii games when she was ten years old, and showed them to me. Ten. And I think of the Wii as a recent invention. Well it’s not to her! I was a 2067 BC girl. Such a blue sky, and a pterodactyl dropping rocks onto bugs and saying ‘lovely’ in a funny accent. I related most to the bugs, but knew they had to be killed. Hmm, that’s 1992 but it was probably later when I played it. Ten-ish. Not riding horses on my Wii. Though perhaps it sounds that way to the next generation on.


She let me know she’s not pregnant after all. I forgot to ask her.

Phillip called. His Gran has passed away and he was upset. I could draw a declining graph of the duration of his calls. It was 5 minutes this time. He said he was telling me because he considers me family. Then he was off to his sisters.

Decided to listen to Shania Twaine and discover what Pound Shop paint by numbers is all about. The £1 spent has the power to put a child off painting for life. I was expecting the world’s worst paint brush, but I wasn’t expecting the pea sized amount of snot like, watered down ‘paint’, and tiny, dotty, illegible (even to me) numbers. I used a different brush, and used my own paints with them. Shania sung and I hung out with the cartoon mermaids for a while, for something to do. I wondered about all the children who have attempted the same journey.


Here’s the photos I took in town –





Here’s the drawing from earlier –