Woke up at 1pm. Feeling okay. I split up with Phillip a couple of days ago. He was expecting me to break up with him soon, so at least it wasn’t a complete surprise. Had a ham sandwich for breakfast. Then I went for a walk in the park listening to Lily Alone. I’m really enjoying the story. Lily is 11 years old and has to look after her three young siblings whilst her mother is on holiday. She is doing a very good job of being a mother to them, but it’s all getting too much for her. One of the little ones offered to be the mother instead for a change and she has a cuddle with her. It’s sad that children are left to fend for themselves at such a young age. I like it that the novel is realistic and also includes the children’s imaginary worlds.

Emily called and I went over there. We had a Lidl dark fruits cider and she put S Club 7 on, which I sang along to a bit. Did a bit of colouring in. Went downstairs where two of the kids were playing at ‘kicking’ each other. They had carved some pumpkins which looked cool and Luke showed me how to turn the flash off on my Iphone so I could take a photo of them.

Emily has a cold and her sprained ankle is healing now. She was fine. Luke gave us both a doughnut which was nice. The children’s mother was dressed up for Halloween with a latex wound across her neck, tit tape holding her top on, and bat like wings. She had a long flowery tattoo snaking up her leg. She was reassuring her children that mummy is still mummy and boasting that she never has to buy drinks when she is out. I don’t think that’s anything to boast about, but she had gone to a lot of effort to dress up, and maybe the free drinks were the main motivation to. Or it’s a joke that I don’t get maybe.

Had some rollies in the garden with Emily. Rolling my own for a change, so I don’t catch her cold. Molly the dog now has one of Emily’s horse blankets. Got a taxi back.

Had a ham and pineapple pizza for dinner and watched a bit of a history documentary. Had natural yoghurt and a fruit medley for pudding.

I called Phillip before I went to Emily’s. He said he is struggling but will be okay. Chatted a bit about what my parents are doing in Australia. Emily thinks I shouldn’t call him too often or he might think I want to get back together with him. Probably she’s right but we only chatted for 10 minutes today and I think it was the right thing to do, to show that I care about how he is.

Here’s a doodle from a couple of days ago –


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