My alarm woke me at 10am giving me some time to wake up before my antipsychotic jab. It was nice to see the support worker again. She was kind to me when I was delusional. There was so much going on in my mind but it was clear she was on my side. I let her in when I hadn’t let the others in. She sat crosslegged on the floor, asking if I wanted anything from the shop. I thought and asked for some bread, a pastie and a carton of ice coffee. Seems a long time ago now.

I had toast and honey for breakfast. Went for a walk around the park, listening to Lily Alone and taking photos. It was lovely and sunny today and lots of people were out walking their dogs. Went to the shop and got a bottle of coke, a sparkling strawberry drink and a Lambrini. A little black poodle jumped up at me as I was leaving the park. His owner apologised and said the dog was friendly. When I was unwell dog owners kept reassuring me that their dogs were. I must have looked nervous walking round and they assumed it was because of their dogs. I didn’t mind them thinking that. Sometimes I found it funny.

When I got in I had a tuna sandwich. Alex joined me in the kitchen and we chatted whilst he ate his noodles and sweet chilli sauce. He said he buys a lot of his clothes in Lidl and they last. He told me a story about smuggling matches under an armband. I didn’t like it but didn’t let on.

He said smoking helps him with his Restlessness. I said it’s been proven to help. Smoking is associated with lower levels of antipsychotic induced akathisia (restlessness). He told me about his family and a bit about a past relationship, whilst we smoked out in the garden. When he had finished he tipped the contents of his ashtray into the rusty barbecue, and found a Malibu coconut cup in the there. I wondered what it’s story was. His ashtray said ‘Smoking is permitted’.


Had bacon pasta for dinner and some yoghurt and honey. Here’s my photos from today –





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